IRSA would like to congratulate the following recipients of the 2023 IRSA Research Supports.

  • On Regional Economy Resilience:
    Elisabeth Veronika Wambrauw (Universitas Cendrawasih), Monita Yessy Beatrick Wambrauw (Universitas Cendrawasih), Ludia Theresia Wambrauw (Universitas Papua) for their research proposal: ”Measuring the impacts of the Implementation Blue Carbon Policy regarding to the indigenous perspectives in coastal areas around Youtefa Bay Jayapura Papua”.
  • On Regional Development in Aceh:
    Asrul Sidiq (Universitas Syah Kuala) for his research proposal: “Forestry agrarian reform in Indonesia: Addressing tenure structures or promoting land inequality?”.

We received a large number of proposals for each grant category and the selection processes have been highly competitive. We hence hope good quality of research outputs could come out from these research projects. It is expected that the winners will present their projects at the 18th IRSA International Conference in Bogor.


Coordinators of the Grant Selection Committee

Professor Devanto S. Pratomo and Dr. Cut Dewi

Indonesian Regional Science Association (IRSA) Secretariat

As an initiative to increase knowledge about how best to support regional development in Indonesia, IRSA is organizing the following calls for proposals:

Please click the links above to get more information on these opportunities (who can apply and how to submit).

The deadline to submit your proposal (in English) is on 15 March 2023.

For more information, contact:

Professor Devanto Pratomo ( devanto(at)ub.ac.id ), or

Dr. Alin Halimatussadiah ( alin.halimah(at)gmail.com )”