IRSA-SMI Institute Paper Awards on the Impact of Infrastructure Disparities on Regional Economic Development

Eligible Topics

The special session of IRSA-SMI Institute aims to present an innovative and insightful paper on the role of infrastructure in economic development and how its inequality causes an economic development gap among regions. The special session will serve as an opportunity to discuss the impact of infrastructure disparities on regional development performance, the following challenges, and feasible solutions to regional infrastructure problems. Relevant topics for the paper include, but are not limited to:

  1. The impact of infrastructure inequality on regional economic performance in Indonesia, especially during the pandemic and economic recovery period.
  2. The role of central and regional governments in post-pandemic infrastructure development in creating a sustainable regional economic recovery.
  3. Regional prospects and perspectives for obtaining infrastructure funding aim to reduce regional infrastructure disparities’ impact.

The Award

The selected papers will receive Rp. 3,000,000.- (three million rupiahs) per paper and an opportunity to present at the IRSA-SMI Institute special session on The Impact of Infrastructure Disparities on Regional Economic Development. Further, the authors will have the option to publish their works in the IRSA Book Series on Regional Development.


Infrastructure development is pivotal in regional economic recovery during the Covid-19 pandemic. Studies indicate that government spending on infrastructure has a multiplier effect on the economy in terms of creating jobs and creating income. Nonetheless, the Covid-19 pandemic demonstrates that inequality in access to infrastructure in the regions, mainly health infrastructure, affects regional economic recovery from Covid-19 and the economic crisis. Numerous challenges in regional infrastructure development reappear and require solutions, especially to create an equitable regional infrastructure to restore a sustainable economy. Therefore, a study regarding the impact of infrastructure disparities on regional economic performance in Indonesia is needed. Furthermore, combining creativity and innovative ideas is expected to provide recommendations for overcoming post Covid-19 pandemic regional infrastructure inequality, especially in increasing the role and coordination of the central and regional governments in creating equitable and quality infrastructure in the regions.

The conference offers a venue for deep discussions and disseminating these innovations and ideas to greater audiences. The special session of IRSA and SMI Institute invites scholars to submit papers on these issues. The session also provides an opportunity to present, discuss, and identify effective avenues to address regional infrastructure inequality and its impacts on regional sustainable economic recovery. 

How to Apply?

All papers related to the abovementioned topics submitted for presentation at the 18th IRSA International Conference will be considered for these IRSA-SMI Institute Paper Awards. Three papers will be selected as winners. The papers should be presented at the conference, and all the terms and conditions of the IRSA Conference will apply to all applicants, i.e., paying the registration fee.


  • Deadline for submitting an abstract: 14 April 2023
  • Deadline for submitting the full paper: 23 June 2023
  • Notification of Winners: 14 July 2023

SubmissionExtended paper abstract of about 500 words should be submitted online via by 14 April 2023. The abstract should include background, data and methodology, potential contributions, and keywords. Abstracts must be submitted in English, as also the entire paper.