IRSA-BKF Paper Awards on Structural Economic Transformation for Growth Acceleration

Eligible Topics

The special session of IRSA BKF aims to present an innovative and insightful paper on the expected impacts of structural economic transformation on national and regional economic growth. In particular, the special session is allocated for discussing the consequences of downstreaming industry development policies that changes both national and regional economic structures toward their economies and the welfare of their people. Several possible topics, but not limited, are:

  1. Short-run impacts of downstreaming industrial policies. The analysis could focus on, among others, the growth of several manufacturing sectors, exports, employment, and poverty.
  2. Medium to long-run impacts of downstreaming industrial policies. The analysis could focus on, among others, industrial efficiency, the labor market, and changing regional and global trade patterns.
  3. Roles of central and local governments in supporting structural transformation policies and managing any negative consequences of these policies. Particular interests are how central and local governments can use this transformation’s benefits to compensate for any possible negative impact of this policy.

The Award

The selected papers will receive Rp. 3,000,000.- (Rupiah three million) per paper and an opportunity to present at the IRSA-BKF special session on Structural Economic Transformation for Growth Acceleration. Further, the authors will be given the option to have their works published in the IRSA Book Series on Regional Development.


The world, including Indonesia, has strived to tackle numerous economic disruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic in the last two years. The disruption started with rapid and frequent movement restrictions, global value chain disorder, diminishing productivity, and emerging risks of scarring effects in the labor market. Besides those significant economic disruptions, society should move from pandemic to endemic stages. Transitioning from pandemic to endemic would be a great challenge due to rising uncertainty, especially for the government, due to limited fiscal space and policy options. 

Despite those economic disruptions and the uncertainty of transitioning into the endemic stage, there are several opportunities for the government to shape the future path of Indonesia. The policy that is implemented should be constructed based on solid research. Hence, innovations and ideas on government policy, both at national and local levels, during and post-COVID-19 are essential. 

The conference offers a venue for deep discussions and for disseminating these innovations and ideas to greater audiences. The special session of IRSA and BKF invites scholars to submit their papers on structural transformation and economic growth. Hopefully, the session could bring together fresh innovations and ideas on how the government should support society to adopt a new normal post-COVID-19 pandemic and transition to higher economic growth. 

How to Apply?

All papers related to the abovementioned topics submitted for presentation at the 18th IRSA International Conference will be considered for these IRSA-BKF Paper Awards. Three papers will be selected as winners. The papers should be presented at the conference, and all the terms and conditions of the IRSA Conference will apply to all applicants, i.e., paying the registration fee.


  • Deadline for submitting an abstract: 14 April 2023
  • Deadline for submitting the full paper: 23 June 2023
  • Notification of Winners: 14 July 2023


Extended paper abstract of about 500 words should be submitted online via by 14 April 2023. The abstract should include background, data and methodology, potential contributions, and keywords. Abstracts must be submitted in English, as also the entire paper.