Dr. Sonya Dewi (World Agroforesty)


Sonya Dewi is the Asian Director of the World Agroforesty and a country programme coordinator of Indonesia and is a Senior Landscape Ecologist. She is based in Southeast Asia Regional office of ICRAF in Bogor. During her more than twenty years of professional career as a researcher, she focuses on the understanding of the trade-offs and integration between conservation and development agendas at the landscape level across different contexts, and on identifying options to change the trajectories in several countries, such as Indonesia, India and Brazil. She has embraced climate change mitigation issues into the landscape governance, particularly in the development and analysis of national and sub-national level carbon accounting and monitoring, peatland strategy, carbon footprint of palm oil production, national level REDD+ strategy. More recently, she has been actively promoting the integrated and inclusive spatial land use planning in rural areas for low emission development and for multiple environmental services, which has been adopted widely in Indonesia. Sonya received her Ph.D. in theoretical ecology from the Australian National University.